Development and implementation of new technologies

The BRC Biotechnology Development Facility collaborates on the development and testing of new technologies, techniques and applications.  We also focus on the implementation, evaluation and validation of their use in a core facility high-throughput environment.  This is done in close collaboration with the other BRC cores, with cores at other insitutions, with investigators, and with the manufacturers and vendors.

Examples of our support of and collaborative involvement in the development and evaluation of new genomics technologies and applications include the following:

  • Development of techniques for strand specific gene expression detection in procaryotes.
  • The long term ABRF-NGS Study, which includes multi-site replicate RNA-seq experiments using reference RNA standards on five different next generation sequencing platforms, to evaluate platform consistency and concordance both within and across platforms and test sites.  The results of this study provide a foundation for the standardization, evaluation and improvement of RNA-seq methods.
  • Ongoing development of an aptamer-based next generation DNA sequencing technology.
  • Ongoing development of DNA/RNA sequencing technology.

If you are working on the development of a new technology, technique or application, and would like us to collaborate with you in any stage of its development, or if you would like to discuss the possibility of our being a beta test site, please contact us.