Evaluation and acquisition of emerging biotechnologies

The BRC Biotechnology Development Facility evaluates emerging biotechnologies for use as shared core resources.  We facilitate the acquisition of new technologies by identifying investigators and research projects that would benefit from the new technologies, identify potential funding sources, and write shared instrument grant proposals.

We have received funding for new instruments from federal and state sources, including the NIH Shared Instrumentation Grant (SIG), NIH High End Instrumentation (HEI), NSF Major Research Instrumentation (MRI), and New York State NYSTEM programs.  In addition, individual faculty and groups of investigators have given new high-end instruments to the BRC core facilities, that they purchased with their start-up funds or with funding from their reseach grants.  These instruments are then supported by the BRC and are used as shared core resources.  Vendors have donated new instruments to the BRC core facilities, sometimes to support collaborative development of new applications, and sometimes based on expected high use and high profile publications.  

If you would like to donate an instrument, or provide funding to purchase an instrument for placement in the BRC, or suggest a new technology for the BRC to evaluate, acquire and offer as a shared resource, please contact us.