NextSeq500/MiSeq Run Share Info

We have created an editable, online Excel spreadsheet for Cornell researchers who want to share NextSeq500 or MiSeq runs. To use, you must log into you Cornell Office 365 account. To go to this site, click on the image, below, or this link: Run_Share_Link

After the spreadsheet loads, click the "Edit in Browser" link near the upper right of the browser window.

Currently, this site is set up for either single-end 75 bp NextSeq500, paired-end 2x75 bp NextSeq500, or paired-end 2x250 bp MiSeq runs. To use, enter the information in the editable (blue) boxes in the spreadsheet. When a number is entered in the "percent of the run/lane" column, the spreadsheet will calculate the expected number of fragments sequenced (passing filter) for this percentage. You can modify this until you get the desired yield. Although an order number is not required, it is recommended.

This Excel spreadsheet will autosave so there is no need to save the document. When done, close the window and your edits will be saved.

When the percentage of either run reaches 100%, coordination for the run can begin.