Real-time PCR


An Applied Biosystems (LifeTech) Viia7 Sequence Detection System is available for real-time PCR analysis or end-point analysis of quantitative PCR or SNP assays. Our instrument can read plates of reactions in either 96- or 384-well format. Either fluorescent probes or SYBR green can be used for detection.

This instrument is now capable of running the ABI High Resolution Melt analysis for SNP genotyping or methylation analysis. Please see the ABI website for details (link).

This instrument is made available on a time-rental basis, and the user is responsible for purchasing consumables and setting up the reactions in plates compatible with the Viia7 instrument. Time may be reserved on this instrument by logging in to your BRC account and selecting "Schedule Equipment" from the main menu, or following this link.

For new users, please contact the Genomics Facility for an initial training session to learn how to reserve time, how to set up and operate the instrument, and, if necessary, gain access to the instrument after hours.

Primer design software is available (Primer Express) to create primer and probe pairs specifically designed for your target sequence, and data analysis software is available (Viia7 data analysis software) for you to analyze your data.

Information and troubleshooting:

Basics of real-time PCR

Troubleshooting real-time PCR