Sample preparation

QC of DNA or RNA samples is available using an AATI Fragment Analyzer, which performs the same analysis as our previous instrument, an Agilent BioAnalyzer. Below is a link to the sample submission information for our Fragment Analyzer.

Link to Fragment Analyzer Sample Submission Instructions


Several instruments are available to the user for DNA or RNA quantifications, including a Nanodrop spectrophotometer and a Qubit spectrofluorometer. Please contact the Genomics Facility for information on using these instruments.


DNA sequencing library sample preparation for Illumina Sequencing is available in the Genomics Lab. Sequencing libraries can be constructed from purified DNA, purified total RNA, or purified polyA-selected RNA. Illumina sequencing libraries are constructed with Illumina TruSeq protocols for DNA-seq, RNA-seq, and ChIP-seq samples. Illumina Nextera library preps may be used for DNA-seq samples when the total amount of DNA is limiting.

Link to Illumina Library Prep Sample Submission amounts


10X Genomics library preparation services are available for both single-cell RNA-seq library construction and genomic DNA library construction for their linked-read technology.

Link to 10X Genomics Chromium Library Prep Information (pending)


Sample preparations (DNA/RNA isolation and/or PCR amplification) for Full Service DNA sequencing, Fragment Analysis plates, Ready-To-Load DNA sequencing plates, and RT-PCR analysis are not available in the Genomics Lab, and are the responsibility of the user.