Full service DNA sequencing

DNA sequencing is performed using Applied Biosystems Automated 3730xl DNA Analyzers. We use Big Dye Terminator chemistry and AmpliTaq-FS DNA Polymerase. We routinely provide up to 900 bases per reaction, providing the template is high quality and in sufficient quantity. We use conditions that work for the majority of templates, but we can modify the conditions for difficult templates or other samples needing special attention. This may require an additional charge per sample.

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General information:

DNA Sequencing Handbook: Sequencing Handbook

Sample Submission Guidelines: Guidelines

Preferred Sample Labeling: Labeling

Information about submitting samples from the Cornell Weill Medical College:


If you have large batches of samples, you may submit  your samples in 96 well plates, which is more efficient than processing single tubes. If full plates are submitted, we can run them at a reduced cost to you (our "Plate Pricing"). However, unlike single-tube submissions, samples on plates are not automatically re-run for sequencing failures. Please contact us before submitting full plates of samples so that we may go over the submission details with you. In order to submit plates via our online ordering system, please use the "batch upload" form. You can find instructions on our ordering site along with the form.


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