Read-to-load DNA sequencing

This service performs data collection only from user-prepared DNA sequencing reactions on the ABI 3730xl capillary DNA Analyzers. Cleaned-up sequencing reactions must be submitted in 96 well plates and only plates of samples may be submitted for this service.

Orders will be charged for the full price of the 96 well plates regardless of the number of samples on the plate (thus, you may submit a plate with only 10 samples if you wish, but you will be charged for a full plate).

The correct semi-skirted 96-well PCR plates can be purchased from either Fisher Scientific (catalog number 14230244) or USA Scientific (catalog number 1402-9200 or 1402-9300). Other plates that are compatible with the ABI 3730 instruments are acceptable. If you have a plate that you think is compatible, please email us a picture and we will let you know if they will work. For samples submitted in an incorrect plate, there will be a fee charged for transferring your samples to the correct plate. Also, submitting samples in the wrong plates will delay the processing or your samples.

See the Genomics Price List for prices.

Fragment Analysis and RTL Submission Guidelines: FA/RTL guidelines

In Appendix I a description of the Genomic Facility's current, standard sequencing protocol and Appendix II is a collection of protocols and web links from other individuals or institutions. The choice of protocols is left to the user, although if RTL plates prove to cause problems for operation of our instrument (e.g. plugging capillaries), the Genomic Facility reserves the right to require validated protocols to be followed, or to discontinue this service altogether.

Failed runs will be re-run only in cases of obvious DNA sequencer failure (mechanical, electronic, etc). However, users have the option to request a re-run, but our policy is that if the re-run performs no better than the first run, the user will pay for both runs. If the sequencing is improved, then the user will be charged for one run only.

More information on submitting RTL orders can be found at this link: RTL ordering info

 There are several software packages available for Sanger sequence analysis. Some are listed here, including ThermoFisher's free cloud-based software

Link to Genomics Price List