Sample submission protocol

  1. First time users need to create an account on our online ordering web page.
  2. Fill out and submit a Sample Submission Form through our online ordering web page.
  3. Ship samples to:

    Proteomics and Mass Spectrometry Facility
    Attn: Bob Sherwood
    Biotechnology Resource Center
    Institute of Biotechnology
    Cornell University
    143 Biotechnology Bldg.
    Ithaca, NY 14853-2703
    Tel: (607) 254-4848

  • Ship only on a business day, ideally no later than Wednesday, to make sure we receive your package by Friday.
  • Use Priority Overnight packaging.
  • Include a detailed list of every tube, tube contents, and label names.
  • Fill the entire package space with dry ice or ice packs (depending on the sample requirements) completely to the top.
  • Note that certain delivery companies will ship packages with dry ice only under certain conditions and with specific labels.
  • E-mail the tracking number and the name of the carrier, as soon as your package ships out, to