Aivia Image Analysis and VR Visualization
Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018
Start Time: 
10:00 AM
End Time: 
12:00 PM
Location / Facility: 
Weill Hall B30

Hi All –


For those of you that are having image analysis and visualization problems, or if you are just interested in commercial packages that are available:


We are hosting  a one-day workshop for Aivia next Tues.  You can come watch or you can sign up for individual one-on-one sessions with your own image data.


Tuesday, May 22, 2018 | B30 Weill Hall starting at 10am.


Please register at


Software description: 

Based on 18 years of in-house R&D, Aivia is an innovative and complete 2-to-5D image visualization, analysis and interpretation platform. With Aivia you can:

·        Load, display and interact with huge (multi-TB) 3D/4D datasets in seconds

·        Detect and track 3D objects

·        Fully reconstruct and analyze 3D neurons (including spines)

·        Classify objects using machine learning

·        Automatically segment EM images 

·        And much more

For additional information see the Aivia website:

Rebecca Williams

Director, BRC Imaging Facility

B35 Weill Hall

Cornell University

(607) 255-4610


Please acknowledge instrumentation grants in publications:

NIH S10RR025502 for the Zeiss LSM 710 Confocal

NIH S10OD010605 for the Andor/Olympus Spinning Disk Confocal

NIH S10OD012287 for the ZEISS/Xradia Versa 520 X-ray Microscope (CT)

NIH S10OD016191 for the VisualSonics Vevo-2100 ultrasound

NYSTEM CO29155 and NIH S10OD018516 for the Zeiss LSM880 microscopes (i880 and u880)

NSF 1428922 for the Zeiss Elyra super resolution microscope

NIH S10OD023466 for the light sheet micrsocope


Biotechnology Resource Center (BRC)
Imaging Facility
Institute of Biotechnology