Bioinformatics: BioHPC Cloud and Linux Workshops

Bioinformatics Facility will carry out workshops designed to prepare biologists to work in an interactive Linux environment of our BioHPC Cloud. The material is divided into 5 separate workshops:

Introduction to BioHPC Lab (February 3 and 5)

Linux for Biologists (March 2 -18, 6 sessions)

Software installation and Conda  (April 13 - 22, 4 sessions)

Using Docker in BioHPC Cloud  (April 27 - 29, 2 sessions)

Parallel processing, scheduling and load balancing  (May 4 - 13, 4 sessions)

The first workshop covers details of BioHPC Cloud infrastructure including storage, computing hours, data transfer and remote access to workstations. The second workshop deals with Linux operating system and focuses on working with Linux machines: directory structure, dealing with files and permissions, running programs (serial and parallel) and very basic shell scripting. The third workshop is about understanding the basic structure of Linux software and using it to deploy it yourself. The fourth workshop covers Docker, a Linux subsystem allowing to run isolated application environments. The last workshop discusses various aspects of using multiple processors to parallelize your work in BioHPC cloud and beyond.

The workshops are free.

If the workshops fill up and there are still more people interested, we may repeat them soon – so please sign up for the waiting list in a case the workshop is full.

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