Lunch and Learn with Waters: Applications of Mass Spectrometry to Biomolecular Analysis — Wednesday, January 24th, 2018
Wednesday, January 24th, 2018
Start Time: 
11:00 AM
End Time: 
1:00 PM
Location / Facility: 
G01 Biotech Building

Lunch and Learn with Waters

Applications of Mass Spectrometry to Biomolecular Analysis

Thomas Beaty, business development manager at Waters corporation, will discuss several new techniques and their applications to biomolecular analysis.
Hydrogen Deuterium Exchange (HDX) methods help investigate protein conformation by labeling the backbone amide hydrogens with deuterium and determining the location and magnitude of the labeling with MS.
Full Spectrum Molecular Imaging, which combines and refines the best of several analytical techniques in a single instrument platform.
Analytical Ion Mobility MS is an orthogonal separation technique which can measure the collisional cross section of biomolecules and provide additional peak capacity in complex sample analysis.

Pizza and Refreshments will be provided.
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