Move your Live Mice and Cells to our Facilities with Red Runner!
Red Runner Flyer with stops shown on a map

We are happy to announce the establishment of a Red Runner transport service to facilitate studies involving live cells and mice. This provides our users with an option to transport sensitive samples and animals in less time, with less exposure to the elements, and avoids parking hassles. The service will be available starting Tuesday, October 1.

When scheduling instruments with the Flow Cytometry or Imaging cores, you will be asked whether you require transport.  If you indicate that you do, you will be prompted to fill out contact information and pickup and drop-off locations.  You will get a subsequent email with information about the ride, including the location of standard “stops”.  You must make your instrument appointment at least one day in advance if you require transport.

Feedback on this pilot service, both constructive and positive, is very important to help us make sure that the service is meeting expectations.  You may leave comments here:


All biohazardous samples must be transported in sealed containers within secondary containment in case of spillage. The transport of animals is covered by the following ACUP: 

Standard Stops can be found here:

Biotechnology Resource Center (BRC)
Flow Cytometry Facility
Imaging Facility
Institute of Biotechnology