SnapGene: Now Available through the Bio-IT Facility

The Bio-IT facility has purchased a pool of licenses for SnapGene.  A subscription to the software use of the software by all individuals and devices associated with a lab group.  The current price is $28.75/month which is the same price as a single user/device subscription direct from GSL Biotech. If we onboard additional groups the price may drop substantially when we re-calculate our rates for fiscal-year 2018 in June.


SnapGene Features

• Easily plan and simulate your DNA Manipulations

• Visualize ORFs, reading frames, and primer binding sites

• Automatically record the steps in a cloning project

• Share annotated sequence files with other researchers


Request a subscription by writing a note to

Bioinformatics Facility
Biotechnology Resource Center (BRC)
Institute of Biotechnology