BRC Image Contest WinnersFall 2014

A truly amazing batch of images and videos were entered into the BRC-Imaging Facility’s Fall 2014 Image Contest.  Judging which submissions were the most scientifically exciting and aesthetically pleasing was extremely challenging.  The competition was fierce.

First place

Jungsoo Kim, Andrew Recknagel and Changwoo Seo, in Melissa Warden lab.

Rendered datasets of CLARITY processed brains (movie)

Second place

Philipp Isermann, Jan Lammerding Lab

Optical severing of actin filaments using targeted multiphoton ablation (movie)

Time series of projected images of a NIH 3T3 mouse fibroblast labeled with LifeAct-GFP (green) and NLS-mCherry (red).  The actin filaments are optically severed using a 3D-resolved “line” of multiphoton excitation.

Third place

Cait Costello, John March Lab, Cholera in engineered intestinal tissue

Biocompatible polymers are used to make a realistic working model of the intestine, with accurately scaled villi. We’re using this model to try and simulate the microenvironments in the intestine, because it is a complex 3-D space with many different cell types and bacteria.  In this image, Cholera is green and Caco-2 epithelial cells are blue. Cholera completely covers the epithelial cells after just 2 hours of exposure.

Honorable mention

Aiko Sada, Tudorita Tumbar Lab, Hair follicles in mouse skin


Tail epidermis from histone-H2BGFP transgenic mice to visualize infrequently-dividing cells as potential stem cells in skin. Whole-mount immunostaining, green is histone H2BGFP to label infrequently-dividing cells, red is BrdU for a proliferation marker, blue is Hoechst for labeling nuclei.   Z-stack image (150um) with maximum projection acquired on the Zeiss LSM710 Confocal Microscope.

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