Genevestigator Webinar
Thursday, January 25th, 2018
Start Time: 
9:00 AM
End Time: 
12:30 PM

The Biotechnology Resource Center (BRC) and the Cornell Universities Libraries (CUL) have partnered to make Genevestigator Professional available to anyone in the Cornell Community at no cost to the end users.


GENEVESTIGATOR is a high performance search engine for gene expression. It integrates thousands of manually curated, well described public microarray and RNAseq experiments and nicely visualizes gene expression across different biological contexts such as diseases, drugs, tissues, cancers, cell lines or genotypes. The high diversity of curated experiments allows GENEVESTIGATOR to project your genes or your data against a broad spectrum of reference profiles and datasets.


The BRC will be hosting a webinar about how Genevestigator can help support your research on January 25th, 2018

There will be two sessions, one is geared to Plant Biologists and one is geared toward Biomedical Scientists although anyone will be able to get a good overview from either session.

9am-10:30 am - plant biologists

11:am-12:30 pm - biomedical

We will have Biotech room 131 available for shared participation and anyone is welcome to attend from the convenience their home or office.

How to Join:

United States: +1 (872) 240-3212

Access Code: 928-005-701


Learn more here:

Bioinformatics Facility
Biotechnology Resource Center (BRC)
Institute of Biotechnology