Protein characterization

Services include detection and quantitation of post-translational modifications (PTMs) and other modifications in purified protein samples or from relatively complex samples, including:

  • Phosphorylation: Ser/Thr, Tyr
  • Glycosylation: N-linked; O-linked including hydroxyproline-based glycosylation
  • Deamidation: Asn and Gln; Arg
  • Oxidation: His, Trp and Met.
  • Methylation: Glu, Lys
  • Nitration: Tyr
  • Acylation: acetylation, malonylation and succinylation; myristoylation, and palmitoylation
  • Ubiquitination and SUMOylation: Lys, Gln
  • ADP ribosylation: Asp, Gln and Lys
  • Amino acid mutation: e.g., selenocysteine to dehydroalanine
  • Unnatural amino acid substitution and other chemical modifications
  • Domain mapping: N- or C-terminal peptide determination by peptide mapping