Nucleic Acid Extraction

DNA and RNA extractions

Highly purified, RNA-free, column-based DNA extractions are available for both plant and animal species.  Average yield is 2-7 µg DNA per sample.  These DNAs are suitable for downstream enzyme-based applications.  The minimum number of samples extracted is 96 (1 plate).   Extractions of high molecular weight DNA (majority of fragments > 40 kb) for 10X genomics or whole genome sequencing (WGS) applications are also available (8 sample minimum).  Sample submission.

Small-scale (2-10 µg per sample), TRIzol-based extractions of total cellular RNA are performed for a variety of plant and animal tissues, including blood samples (48 sample minimum).  These extractions are suitable for 3’RNA seq, conventional RNA seq or other applications requiring total RNA as the input material. Sample submission.