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BioSorter specifications

The BioSorter Large Particle Flow Cytometer is a unique instrument that accommodates objects up to 400 um in size, and operates at slower flow rates and pressures for gentle sorting. Its pneumatic sorting mechanism uses air to divert objects, rather than electrostatic charge typical to other flow cytometers. Sample output includes 24-, 48-, 96- or 384- well plates, as well as tubes and bulk receptacles. Users can also create custom output receptacle templates with custom sort conditions. Examples of objects ideal for this sorter include Drosophila embryos, plant protoplasts, and

C. elegans.  

Excitation laser

488 nm

Output power

50 mW

Detection parameters

3 fluorescence + TOF and EXT

Sample tube

Single, manual-loaded tube

Tube type

50 mL

Temperature control


Agitation unit

Continuous stirring

Sorting nozzle

500 um

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