User guides and manuals


Zeiss Elyra super resolution microscope (B45E Weill)

Zeiss Elyra Quick Start Guide

Application Note:  3D PALM/STORM

Application Note:  Using the Bioptech's Objective Heater

Zeiss LSM880 upright confocal/MP microscope (u880, B45C Weill)

u880 Quick Start Guide

Zeiss LSM880 inverted confocal/MP microscope (i880, B45D Weill)

i880 Quick Start Guide

/sites/default/files/uploads/ImagingDocs/Zeiss i880 User Guide_050616.pdf

Zeiss LSM710 confocal microscope (B46 Weill)

Zeiss LSM710 Confocal Microscope User Guide

ZeissLSM710 troubleshooting

ZeissLSM Specifications

Leica SP2 confocal microscope (B46 Weill)

Leica SP2 Confocal Microscope User Guide

Andor/Olympus spinning disk confocal microscope (B46 Weill)

Andor/Olympus spinning disk confocal user guide

Andor/Olympus spinning disk confocal specifications

Olympus/Metamorph upright fluorescent microscope (B46 Weill)

Olympus/Metamorph Fluorescent Microscope User Guide

Zeiss laser capture microdissection system (B46 Weill)

 Zeiss laser capture microdissection user guide

Custom-built multiphoton microscope (B46 Weill)

Multiphoton microscope users guide

PTI fluorometer (B38 Weill)

 PTI fluorometer users guide

VisualSonics Vevo-2100 mouse ultrasound (B56A Weill)

VisualSonics Vevo-2100 user guide

Full electronic manual available upon request (contact staff)

Custom-built Luminescence Box (B56A Weill)

Luminescence Box user guide

Image analysis and visualization

Accessing the imaging file share


Avizo tutorial--Data manipulation and analysis

Avizo tutorial--data stitching


Metamorph installation instructions


Volocity Access

Volocity hardware recommendations

Volocity quick guide

Contact staff for the full electronic user guide