List of instruments
Two electropspray ionization (ESI)-based mass spectrometers: (1) hybrid triple quadrupole/linear ion trap 4000 Q Trap (Sciex); (2) and Orbitrap Fusion (Thermo Scientific). 

Five high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) systems: (1) UltiMate3000 Proteomics MDLC (Thermo/Dionex); (2) 2 units of UltiMate3000 RSLCnano (Thermo/Dionex); (3) nanoACQUITY UPLC (Waters); and (4) 1100 HPLC (Agilent).  All four nanoLC platforms are interfaced with mass spectrometers for on-line LC-MS/MS sequencing of peptides.  The standalone Agilent 1100 HPLC system is used for off-line analytical-scale LC analysis.

Other instruments: 2D gel electrophoresis systems (GE Healthcare); Typhoon 9400 image system (GE Healthcare) for fluorescence imaging analysis; Spectra MAX plus spectrophotometer (Molecular Devices); GelFree 8100 Fractionation System (Expedeon).

Instruments by applications

LC-MS/nanoLC-MS (the HPLC and MS instruments listed above are interfaced and available as 4 different integreted systems):

UltiMate3000 RSLCnano / Orbitrap Fusion: Provides both nano and analytical scale of high mass accuracy, ultra high resolution and fast-scanning LC-MS/MS analyses for a broad range of applications,  from in-depth proteome discovery experiments to characterization of complex PTMs to comprehensive qualitative/quantitative workflows. The Tribrid architecture (quadrupole, Orbitrap and ion trap mass analyzers) with the availability of multiple fragmentation techniques (CID, HCD, ETD and EThCD) at any stage of MSn is especially powerful when facing complex and low abundance samples in proteomics, glycomics, lipidomics and metabolomics.  Click here for more information.

UltiMate3000 2DLC / 4000 Q Trap: Provides both 2D nano and analytical scale LC-MS/MS for data-dependent high sensitive protein IDs in relatively less complex samples. The system is particularly valuable for characterization of protein post-translational modifications by hypothesis-driven approaches and for target-based validation and quantitation of known analytes in complex samples.  Click here for more information.

Protein/peptide separation and quantitation:
Agilent 1100 HPLC: Provides routine analytical scale for HPLC separation of a variety of complex samples (proteins/peptides and small molecules) through SCX, SAX, HILIC, SEC and RPLC. 

GelFree 8100 (Expedeon): Provides intact protein molecular weight-based fractionation (3.5 to 150 kD) with liquid phase recovery for complex protein mixtures. 

Gel-based separation:

    •  2D/1D gel systems:
         •  Multiphor II IEF (GE Healthcare): for charge-based first dimensional gel electrophoresis
         •  EPS 601 Vertical Gel System (GE Healthcare): for mid-size 2nd PAGE (16 x 14cm)
         •  Ettan DALT Six/Twelve Vertical Gel Systems (GE Healthcare): large-size 2nd PAGE (24 x 18cm)
         •  XCell SureLock Vertical Gel System (Invitrogen): for mini-size 1D SDS gel (12 x 7cm)


Spectra MAX plus spectrophotometer (Molecular Devices): Provides fast, full spectral range detection for cuvettes and 96-well microplates, with temperature-independent pathlength correction, for quantitative measurement of a wide variety of biomolecular assays.  The optical system of microplate reader is built around a monochromator, which allows for selection of absorbance detection in the UV-visible wavelength range (190 nm - 1000 nm). 

Gel imaging:

Typhoon 9400 Laser Scanner (GE Healthcare): Allows quantitative imaging analysis of various fluorescence stained gels and blots as well as regular Coomassie Blue stained gels.  Please use the facilty's on-line scheduling system to schedule a time to use this instrument.