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About us

Our values

The mission of the Cornell Institute of Biotechnology (CIB) is to promote research and catalyze entrepreneurial activities in the life sciences. The CIB serves as the hub of Cornell’s biotechnology and life science ecosystem, and helps foster its growth and development by relying on three important pillars: our people, our core facilities, and commercialization expertise.

People: We strive to cultivate a faculty-centric biotechnology enterprise. We engage with alumni, industry, investors, government, and local peer institutions.

Core facilities: We maintain excellence in providing cutting-edge services and support to the Cornell research community and beyond.

Commercialization expertise: We continue to be a model for academic-industrial partnerships with NYS biotechnology companies.

Our impact

Each year, the Biotechnology Resource Center (BRC) serves over 600 principal investigators (PIs) internal and external to Cornell. Cornell PIs that use BRC services belong to over 10 different colleges. External PIs are academics from other institutions, but also belong to corporations, government, and public agencies.

The Center for Advanced Technology (CAT) regularly reflects economic impact in New York State of over $20M per year. It also supports life sciences companies with summer internships in collaboration with Entrepreneurship@Cornell. It helps support many faculty-industry partnerships, and assisted dozen NYS for profit companies with access to BRC services through CAT service subsidies.