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Breeding Insight

The Breeding Insight (BI) program was established in 2018.

Its goals is to elevate and support specialty crops and animal breeders in the USDA-ARS (U.S. Department of Agriculture-Agricultural Research Service) by developing genomics, phenomics, and data management tools for higher genetic gains outputs.

BI is focused primarily on software development, consultative services including genotyping platforms, and analytic supports in real-world breeding programs. BI uses the Bioinformatics Facility's BioHPC Cloud platform for large computing and analytics projects, and the Genomics Facility for genotypic data generation specifically for grape.

BI is in the pilot phase with the first 6 species: blueberry, table grape, sweet potato, alfalfa, and salmonid fishes (rainbow trout and Atlantic salmon). The long-term goal is to extend BI out to support all specialty and animal ARS breeders across the county.