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Affiliated Programs

The Cornell Institute of Biotechnology is frequently tapped to support special projects and centers that are best hosted outside the structure of specific colleges.

What makes us uniquely positioned for these missions? We are affiliated with the Research Division, and therefore we do not belong to any specific college. We also have over 35 years of experience in research administration (management of the core facility laboratories of the BRC, and administration of the academia-industry partnership CAT grants).

What support do we provide? We can offer any level of administrative support, including oversight of financial and human resources needs. We currently support:

  • The Buckler Laboratory is a Cornell University and USDA-ARS (U.S. Department of Agriculture-Agricultural Research Service) laboratory. The Buckler Lab is administered by the Cornell Institute of Biotechnology, and its research is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, NSF, USAID, and USDA-ARS.
  • Breeding Insight (BI) is a USDA-ARS funded initiative administered through the Cornell Institute of Biotechnology. The Institute’s administrative office assists with HR and finance administration support to BI. However, the scientific and software development aspects of the project are run independently, and guided by the BI director.
  • The McGovern center, officially named the Kevin M. McGovern Family Center for Venture Development in the Life Sciences, is Cornell's incubator for life science companies. The Insitute provides administrative support to the McGovern Center, and funds a portion of its operations.
  • The Transcriptional Regulation & Expression Facility (TREx) offers full-service RNAseq and small-RNA seq packages which include library preparation, sequencing, and data analysis. It often uses BRC Genomics Facility and Bioinformatics Facility services.
  • The Genomics Innovation Hub at Cornell was established by the Provost’s Genome Biology Task Force to enable the development and application of cutting-edge genomics technologies. It receives administrative support from the Institute.