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How to write a strong CAT grant proposal?

Learn about the key elements the reviewers want to see in a CAT grant proposal. Make your proposal stand out!

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Biotechnology-focused NSF I-Corps Short Course

The Short Course requires a two-week commitment, including 2 in-person session days.

To help fortify your plans for a startup, the CAT offers a FREE biotechnology focused version of the NSF I-Corps Short Course, with segments on regulatory hurdles, reimbursements, and other issues unique to biotechnology innovations.

The Short Course will help you:

  • cast aside your assumptions about the market needs
  • re-evaluate these needs based on 30 interviews of your potential customers
  • assess whether your technology truly fills the needs they seek
  • pivot if you need to
  • shore-up a business plan

The major emphasis of the Short Course is not on your particular technology, but rather on the problem in the market.

Completion of the Short Course gives you an automatic leg-up into the NSF I-Corps Long Course, which provides you with $50K to focus on customer discovery for 6 months.

The McGovern Center strongly recommends taking the Short Course prior to applying for startup space.

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Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)/ Small Business Technology Transfer Research (STTR) Seminar series

In this seminar series, experts give tips on how to successfully apply for SBIR/STTR grant. Speakers are typically SBIR/ STTR Program officers, Director of Business Services in public agencies providing business resources, or commercialization support providers to the Small Business Innovation (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) communities.

Check for coming courses on our Event calendar

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