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CNF and the Cornell Institute of Biotechnology (Biotech) partnered to further advance Cornell’s excellence in life science characterization and imaging capabilities. Under this arrangement, CNF provides partial support for one senior staff member in Biotech, and is integrating activities of this partnership into our user support and new project support process. CNF cleanroom and Biotech users are now able to mutually access resources in both centers. The expertise of the Biotech staff in imaging a wide range of materials will add considerably to our capabilities. Likewise, Biotech users will have easy access to CNF’s fabrication facilities and staff expertise. The mission of this partnership is to foster and enhance the convergence of research fields while unifying new approaches and ideas to inspire innovation and discovery.
We are pleased to announce our biannual Center for Life Science Enterprise/Center for Advanced Technology (CAT) call for grant proposals, administered by the Cornell Institute of Biotechnology (CIB). Starting with the current FY 21-22, we have two annual CAT grant deadlines, the first for this FY having occurred in November 2021 (cycle 1), and the second and current call occurring on March 31, 2022 (cycle 2).
Breeding Insight: Easing Genomic Selection for more Plant and Animal Breeders
Epigenomics and Bioinformatics Facilities Advance Visualization and Sharing of Life Science Data Sets
Proteomics and Metabolomics Facility contributes to enhanced understanding of antibody responses associated with COVID-19 severity.
The BRC Proteomics and Metabolomics Facility and Dr Gary Gibson publish "Serum Metabolomic and Lipidomic Profiling Reveals Novel Biomarkers of Efficacy for Benfotiamine in Alzheimer’s Disease" in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences 
Bob Sherwood, research support specialist with the BRC Proteomics and Metabolomics facility, was recognized with the Cornell President's Award for Employee Excellence in the "Mission-Possible" category.  The Mission-Possible Award recognizes an employee whose work demonstrates excellence in supporting the university’s core mission of learning, discovery, engagement. This staff member will exemplify going above and beyond to complete a mission. Bob was recognized for his tireless work analyzing samples during the very early days of the pandemic in collaboration with a Stanford research group.  The work helped to identify markers correlated with mild versus severe disease during the initial shutdown when nearly all research activity on campus was suspended.
Ascribe Biosciences, housed in the McGovern Center Incubator and recipient of a current CAT award wins $500k prize in Grow-NY competition.
Breeding Insight and VitisGen collaborate to create a grape genomics database to enhance breeding efforts
Four CAT Grants Awarded August 2021