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NYS companies: Why partner with Cornell?

One of the principal activities of the CAT is to fund and facilitate academia-industry partnerships. Why not take advantage of it and give your biotechnology research a competitive advantage?

Give your company a competitive advantage

If you are a New York State biotechnology company, partnering with Cornell will give your company access to:

  • Cornell's technology assets: your company receives subsidized access to the BRC core facilities equipped with cutting-edge instruments in Genomics, Metabolomics, Proteomics, Bioinformatics, Flow Cytometry, and a range of Imaging technologies including microscopy, CT-scans and ultrasounds.
  • World-class expertise: partnering with our faculty members will foster innovation by increasing the flow of ideas, experience and knowledge.

Additional technology assets and expertise will accelerate the release of new products to market and boost your company's growth.

Partnering with Cornell is a great way to invest in research and development.

Note: A NYS company is defined as one that has a manufacturing, or research entity, or headquarters in the State, and it may be a small, medium, or large-sized company.