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Keyence BZ-X810 Microscope

Image of the Keyence Microscope
  • Air immersion objective lenses (4-40X)
  • Fluorescence, phase and transmitted light imaging modes
  • Automated stage with tiling and multiple position imaging
  • Can accommodate slides, dishes, flasks and flat-bottom multiwell plates
  • Environmental chamber for live cell imaging
Please contact us to receive training before using this instrument for the first time.

Instrument pricing

Keyence BZ-X810 Microscope
(9am-9pm Mon-Fri)
(9pm-9am, Sat-Sun & holidays)
Keyence box microscope $20/hr $10/hr
Keyence box microscope - Training $75/hr NA
A 64% surcharge applies to non-Cornell users.
*If canceling with less than 24 hours notice, unused hours will be charged at 50% of standard rate. No show hours will be charged at the full rate.
50% discount for 8 or more continuous off-peak hours.

Grant acknowledgement

Imaging data was acquired through the Cornell Institute of Biotechnology's BRC Imaging Facility, with NIH S10OD032251 funding for the shared Keyence box microscope. 

Additional information

Keyence Timelapse ImageJ Macros


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