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Nikon Inverted Microscope

Image of the Nikon inverted microscope
  • Inverted eclipse Ti microscope platform
  • Blue, green, orange, red and far-red fluorescence cubes
  • Phase optics for 10x, 20x and 40x objectives
  • Oil immersion 60x objective
  • Andor Neo sCMOS camera
  • Multi-position and tiling capabilities
Please contact us to receive training before using this instrument for the first time.

Instrument pricing

Nikon Inverted Microscope
(9am-9pm Mon-Fri)
(9pm-9am, Sat-Sun & holidays)
Nikon Inverted $20/h $20/h
Nikon Inverted training $75/h NA
A 64% surcharge applies to non-Cornell users.

Grant acknowledgement

Imaging data was acquired through the Cornell Institute of Biotechnology's BRC Imaging Facility (RRID:SCR_021741).


B45 Weill Hall


Imaging Facility