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SpectraMax ID5 Plate Reader (Molecular Devices)

Image of the Spectramax ID5 Plate Reader
  • Absorbance

  • Fluorescence and fluorescence polarization

  • Luminescence

  • Time-resolved phosphorescence

  • Dual injectors for kinetic assays

  • 96/384-well plate formats

Absorbance: Absorbance (230 - 1000 nm)

Fluorescence and fluorescence polarization: Fluorescence (excitation: 250 – 830 nm, emission: 270 – 850 nm), Fluorescence polarization

Luminescence: Luminescence (300 – 650 nm, with extended NIR under certain circumstances)

Instrument pricing

SpectraMax ID5 Plate Reader (Molecular Devices)
DescriptionInternal price (Cornell and Cornell affiliates)External Price
SpectraMax ID5 Plate Reader Use $30/hr $48/hr
Minimum charge: 1/2hr


B45 Weill Hall