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Cornell University

Small RNA Sequencing Standard Package

  • Sample submission: 100ng - 1ug purified RNA (lower input is sufficient for cell-free RNA; see below).
    ‘Bioanalyzer QC’ is highly recommended; contact us for information about RNA QC options.
  • Library preparation: NEBNext Small RNA.
  • Sequencing: minimum 10M raw reads.
    Deeper sequencing is available on request (extra cost).
  • Standard analysis: Read preprocessing, quantification of annotated microRNAs (miRdeep2 using miRBase annotations), data QC
    reports including total microRNA counts and sample clustering analyses, differential microRNA detection analysis (DESeq2).
    Optional: reads can be mapped to a reference genome on request.

Service pricing

Small RNA Sequencing Standard Package
DescriptionInternal price (Cornell and Cornell affiliates)External Price
Samples 1-24 (ea.) $265 $375
Samples 25+ (ea.) $215 $375
Add 10M Additional Reads $110 $160
Custom Services
Custom Lab WorkCustom Analysis
$55/hr $125/hr
Custom projects are available on a limited basis and require pre-approval from the Director of the TREx Facility