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BRC Reserved Parking spaces

The BRC currently has two parking spaces near the ground floor loading dock entrance to Biotech reserved for BRC

image showing location of parking spaces near loading dock

customer use with particular consideration for researchers bringing in sensitive samples (e.g., live specimens). 

Access to the parking service is done by request to respective facility directors.  Reserved times are entered through LIMS.  The researcher must provide the make and model of vehicle. 

Customers should book time with careful consideration to time needed, to allow the spaces to be well-utilized.   

As of March 1st, 2022, Biotech will charge $3 per hour for parking.   

image of the sign labelling the reserved parking spaces

If a customer uses less time than planned, there will not be a refund for time not used.  If a customer needs to extend time, this can be done through the LIMS reservation as space is available.

Other options for parking include day passes, available in advance and at cost through Transportation Services at Parkmobile lots are available next to the Friedman Wrestling Center, at the east end of N Lot next to Weill and Kane Track, and across the street from the Dairy Bar. 30-minute Parkmobile spots are available between Lynah rink, Biotech, and Teagle. There are 20 minute drop off spaces in front of Weill Hall. For equipment pick up/drop off, talk with Steve or Pam about using loading dock space. Biotech front office will develop a standard map with lots, parkmobile zones, and addresses that can be on website and/or distributed via email.

We will continue to offer a paid parking option for visitors and guests, e.g., event speakers. We will continue to provide guidance for others, e.g., service technicians, as to parking resources, but will in most cases not pay for their parking costs.

If a customer finds another car in the space they have reserved, and it is not a BRC customer, the customer or facility can call Transportation Services at 607-255-4600 to report the violation. Transportation will issue tickets in accordance with current parking policies at Cornell.