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Cell analyzing

Cell analyzers have many uses. For example, they would be useful if you are interested in one of the following applications.

  • Phenotype analysis (cell surface antigens/markers)
  • Intracellular analysis (e.g. cytokines, or signaling and phosphoflow)
  • DNA analysis (e.g. cell cycle, or viability analyses)
  • Cell function analysis (e.g. intracellular calcium flux, cell proliferation assays, or apoptosis)
  • Viability
  • Small particle detection
  • Gene expression and transfection
  • Absolute quantification
  • Particle internalization
  • Fluorescence¬†in situ hybridization and RNA detection
  • Genome size determination

Many other applications rely on cell analyzers. If you are not sure what instrument is right for your experiment, contact us.

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