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Targeted metabolomics, lipidomics, and peptide profiling

It focuses on the relative quantitation of analytes of interest that were identified in a previous analysis.

An initial, untargeted screening is aimed at identifying metabolites, lipids or peptides that are changed between two or more different groups. A targeted analysis is often performed as a follow-up analysis. It focuses on the altered metabolites, lipids or peptides using a relatively large cohort of samples from each of the biological groups. The targeted profiling results will be used to confirm the differences you observed with more samples in each of the biological groups.

The targeted profiling will be conducted by either LC-MS or GC-MS. To achieve the best sensitivity and selectivity for each analyte, method development is often needed for optimization of all LC-MS/MS parameters.

To order a targeted lipidomics or targeted metabolomics analysis, visit our Proteomics and Metabolomics Facility page and request a project consultation.