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Cornell University

Targeted peptide and small molecule quantitation

This approach allows you to determine the exact amount of a molecule or multiple molecules in your samples (absolute quantitation).

We require that you provide us with both:

  • standard compound(s) for the analyte(s) you want to measure in your samples,
  • internal standards (ISs) that are either stable isotope labeled standard compound(s) or chemical analogues to your specific analytes. 

A fixed amount of ISs are spiked into standard samples with variable concentration of standards, and into each of the real samples prior to sample preparation. This allows us to generate a standard curve for each analyte, estimate recovery yield after sample extraction, and determine the absolute amount of analytes in samples.

This type of analysis is most often used for drug ADME (absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion) and DMPK (drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics) studies.

The facility maintains a library of standard compounds and targeted metabolomics panels for which methods have been developed

To order a targeted small molecule quantitation, click on the service link below.