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Untargeted metabolomics and lipidomics

Untargeted metabolomics and untargeted lipidomics focus on screening all detectable metabolites or lipids in your samples, measuring the changes between two or more different groups or under two or more biological conditions (e.g. samples and controls). The goal is to discover altered metabolites or lipids related to a specific biological perturbation.

This is approach is often associated with a pathway analysis to understand the outcome of these changes at a functional level, and develop hypotheses, These hypotheses that can be further tested with subsequent analyses (e.g. targeted metabolomics or targeted lipidomics profiling analysis, targeted peptides and small molecule quantitation) using a large cohort of samples.

In this type of screening analysis, a relatively small number of samples (at least 3-5 biological replicates per group) will be used for either LC-MS or GC-MS analysis.

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