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Cornell University

BioHPC Cloud server hosting

Research groups can have their own server hosted on BioHPC Cloud.


  • Private servers are connected to the 10Gb Ethernet network.
  • You receive all benefits of the BioHPC Cloud environment.
  • You have full access to BioHPC Cloud resources.
  • User accounts on hosted nodes are managed through the BioHPC Cloud website.

Full service

  • We design customized computing nodes based on project needs and budget.
  • We order and set up the computing nodes in the Cornell server room.
  • We take care of system administration and server maintenance.
  • We help you with software installation.

Our service is extremely flexible. Hosted servers can be customized regarding access, software and storage. Access is controlled by forming user groups, and users can be a member of one or more groups.

Service pricing

BioHPC Cloud server hosting
Installation Go to BioHPC pricing page
Maintenance Go to BioHPC pricing page