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Cornell University

Bioinformatics Facility


  • BioHPC Cloud computing - Our remote computing platform configured for biologists.
  • BioHPC Cloud server hosting - Options to host your private hardware at BioHPC Cloud.
  • Data storage - Everything you need to know from data storage to backup, and data sharing.
  • Commercial Software Licenses - lab access for desktop software including SnapGene, Geneious and Lasergene
  • Research support - Customized support for data analysis, long-term research collaborations, database development.
  • Information Technology services - We manage everything from security updates, software upgrades, computer specifications and ordering, printer connection problems, backup management, compliance with Cornell policies, and other desktop issues in your lab.

Training and consultations

Acknowledging BRC services and staff

If you publish data that has been generated with the help of the services we provide, mentioning the Cornell Institute of Biotechnology in the acknowledgments section is very helpful. Here is why. You can also review our authorship guidelines. Please reference the following Research Resource Identifier (RRID): RRID:SCR_021757