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Fragment Analysis - Microsatellites


  • With our Applied BioSystems 3730xl instrument, we can size:
    • microsatellites (STRs)
    • AFLPs
    • RAPDs
    • other fluorescently-labeled PCR products
    • do mutation analysis such as SSCPs
  • We can detect up to 4 fluorescent dyes, in addition to the size standard.

Dye sets

  • By default, we run the Applied Biosystems DS-33 (aka G5) dye set (6-FAM, VIC, NED, PET, LIZ).
  • We can also run the DS-30 dye set (6-FAM, HEX, NED, ROX).

Submission guidelines

Download the sample submission for Fragment Analysis

Service pricing

Fragment Analysis - Microsatellites
DescriptionInternal price (Cornell and Cornell affiliates)External price
Fragment analysis, ready-to-load, per 96-well plate $42.50 $69.70
LIZ500 and HiDi Formamide addition, per 96-well plate $40.00 $65.60
ROX500 and HiDi Formamide addition, per 96-well plate $40.00 $65.60