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Genomics Facility

The Cornell Genomics Facility has provided unsurpassed support to the research community for over thirty years by offering a variety of innovative options and ensuring that your project goals are met and quality data is generated quickly. The Genomics Facility houses state of the art instruments for all your sequencing needs including, capillary DNA analysis, single cell applications, long read capabilities, a suite of Illumina instruments, and many more. We also provide many instruments that can be operated by you for sample preparation and quality control of all sample types. Contact us today to learn how we can help you move from an idea to publication ready data within your budget.

Not finding what you were looking for? Let us know. Our Biotechnology Development Program works jointly with scientists to acquire new technologies and meet your needs.


We always recommend that you start with a project consultation.

Understanding your project goals helps us to make accurate recommendations. A consultation is also a great time to answer all practical questions to plan and design your experiment. 

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    Acknowledging BRC services and staff

    If you publish data that has been generated with the help of the services we provide, mentioning the Cornell Institute of Biotechnology in the acknowledgments section is very helpful. Here is why. You can also review our authorship guidelines. Please reference the following Research Resource Identifier (RRID): RRID:SCR_021727