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Sample extraction, clean-up, dilution, re-array

DNA and RNA extraction for plant tissue

Designed for large projects, this service is only available if you intend to follow up with our Large Projects library preparation pipeline. We charged a fixed price corresponding to a 96-well plate, no matter how many samples you actually submit in the plate.

  • DNA extraction: Using highly purified and RNA-free columns, our extractions reach an average yield of 2-7 µg of DNA per sample. These extractions are suitable for library preparation for NGS analyses.
  • RNA extraction: Using TRIzol, we yield 2-10 µg per sample of total cellular RNA. These extractions are suitable for any applications requiring total RNA as the input material.

Our pipelines are optimized for plant DNA/RNA extraction. Occasionally, we perform RNA extraction from non-plant tissues. Please contact us to inquire.

Sample clean-up

If you choose to prepare your sequencing library with our large projects pipeline, you are responsible for providing samples that have been cleaned after extraction, and at the right concentration. If you have a large number of samples, we provide these services using robots that offer a time-saving solution. We use commercial columns or beads (e.g. AMPure XP) and proceed according to manufacturer instructions.

This service is only necessary if you did your DNA/RNA extraction yourself. If we performed the extraction in the facility, we will have already taken the steps to insure the quality of your samples.

Sample concentration or dilution

This service is often added as part of the large projects library preparation pipeline to normalize the concentration of a large batch of samples. Depending on your sample, we can either:

  • concentrate your samples using a SpeedVac (for DNA only)
  • perform a DNA/RNA cleanup, followed by eluting in a small volume (for DNA or RNA)

If you submit samples that are already normalized for concentration, this step will not be necessary.

Sample re-array

There are many reasons for wanting to reorganize samples in a plate. For example, you may want to redistribute and randomize the position of replicates in a plate. Or you may need to select all samples that failed some criteria (e.g. QC), and rearrange them all together in a new plate to be processed. Whatever your reason, we are happy to help with this step, too.

Service pricing

Sample extraction, clean-up, dilution, re-array
DescriptionInternal price (Cornell and Cornell affiliates)External price
DNA extraction (plant leaf tissue only) $650 per plate** inquire
RNA extraction (limited tissues & species)* $550 per plate** inquire
DNA cleanup $360 per plate inquire
RNA cleanup without DNAse treatment $400 per plate inquire
RNA cleanup with DNAse treatment $600 per plate inquire
DNA quantification $120 per plate inquire
RNA quantification $150 per plate inquire
DNA/RNA sample dilution $50 per plate inquire
Sample re-array $200 per plate inquire
* Pilot study recommended for species or tissues we have not worked with previously.
** 96 well plate including one blank negative control. A blank negative control (empty well) is required for a full plate of 96 samples.