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X-ray micro-CT

micro-CT scanner

Our micro-CT Bruker Skyscan 1276 generates lower radiation doses, and therefore is ideal for scan of live animals.

The system is equipped with onboard anesthesia, dosage monitoring, and cardiac and respiratory gating.

  • It provides a lower resolution than the nano-CT, but it is faster, and therefore generates lower radiation doses.

  • The images produced by this system can be integrated with physiological monitoring and the luminescence pictures obtained with the IVIS Spectrum macro imaging instrument.
  • The instrument can acquire data with voxels ranging from 2.8um-80um.
  • It has a 9cm diameter bore which can accommodate live animals, plants, fossils, etc.
  • In this system the x-ray source and detector rotate around the bore so that the specimen can remain stationary.
  • Onboard anesthesia, dosage monitoring, and cardiac and respiratory gating are available for live animals.
  • Ideal for scanning animals during/after a treatment, at various stages of developmental morphogenesis, etc.
  • Can also accommodate, insects, plants, fossils, electronics, and materials.

Grant acknowledgement

Imaging data was acquired through the Cornell Institute of Biotechnology's Imaging Facility, with NIH S10OD025049 for the SkyScan 1276 mouse CT.

Service pricing

X-ray micro-CT
DescriptionInternal price (Cornell and Cornell affiliates)External price
Micro-CT Bruker Skyscan 1276 (Academic user) $110/hour $180/hour
Micro-CT Bruker Skyscan 1276 (Commercial user) N/A $275/hour


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