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Illumina NextSeq 2000 (2K) sequencer now available!

Illumina 2K Image

Our Illumina NextSeq 2K sequencer is now available for placing orders on the Genomics Facility website. This is the NextSeq 2000, but to more easily distinguish it from our NextSeq 500/550 sequencers, we’ll be referring to this as the 2K (as Illumina often does). 
The output right now (the P2 flowcell) is equivalent to the number of reads on our NextSeq 500/550 platform, with kits for 100 bp, 200bp, or 300bp reads (vs. 75bp, 150bp, or 300bp on the NextSeq 500/550). There are no “MID” output kits available for the 2K.

IMPORTANT DIFFERENCES to note for this new platform:

1. Libraries with empty adaptors will be more problematic. With Illumina’s “ExAmp” chemistry, empty adaptors will preferentially seed the wells of the patterned flowcells, skewing the reads towards these smaller library molecules. Similarly, the output from libraries with a wide range of insert sizes will be weighted towards the smaller library molecules.

2. Low concentration/low volume libraries will have to be run on the NextSeq 500/550 sequencers. Currently, a minimum of 25 microliters at 1 nM is required for loading the Illumina 2K.

3. Index hopping is an issue with the ExAmp chemistry. Unique Dual Indices (UDI) are recommended, but there are treatments we can apply to minimize index hopping, if it’s expected to be an issue.

By the end of the year, Illumina should release their higher output “P3” flowcells. These flowcells will produce 2.5-times the output per run. We expect that the input concentration may be lowered with the P3 flowcells/chemisty, and they may release a 50 bp kit.

We will schedule a zoom meeting for anyone who wants to find out more information, or ask questions about this new sequencing platform. Details will follow.Pricing and details: