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Cornell University

Bioinformatics workshops

We repeat our workshops regularly. Please consult our calendar to see our updates.

We continuously organize basic and advanced workshops on a wide range of bioinformatics topics. We also organize workshops with guest speakers who cover topics of interest, and lead software training sessions.

In addition to these rotating workshops, we organize two workshop series that we repeat at regular intervals. These cover the how to use the Linux environment of BioHPC, and how to analyze genomics data.

Linux and BioHPC cloud

These workshops are designed to address practical issues often encountered in bioinformatics work. They are designed to help users understand and work with the BioHPC Cloud infrastructure. They often cover topics like storage, computing hours, data transfer, and remote access to servers. They also teach users how to work on Linux machines, files and permissions, running programs, and very basic shell scripting. We also describe strategies to work efficiently with your large datasets, or using parallel computing on BioHPC.

We constantly update our workshops content. If you are interested in attending the next workshop series, read the exact description of the coming workshops.

Data analysis

These workshops cover topics like genomics data analysis (RNA-Seq or genomic sequence), genome annotation, and gene function prediction, with sessions on:

  • transcript quantification
  • statistics of RNA-seq data analysis
  • de novo transcriptome assembly
  • variant calling
  • de novo genome assembly
  • genome annotation
  • gene ontology and function enrichment analysis

The topics list is an example of courses we teach, and is constantly updated. If you plan to attend one or more of these workshop series, please read the description of the coming workshops.

All data analysis workshops include practical exercises, which can be done on your laptop or on the BioHPC Cloud computers that we reserve for you. If you are not familiar with BioHPC Cloud, we recommend that you take our Linux and BioHPC Cloud workshops first.

Videos of previous workshops

If you have a BioHPC account, you can access the recordings of all our previous workshop sessions here.