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Cornell University

Illumina sequencing

These instructions assume that you have already prepared your library. If you have not and need help with library preparation, we provide this service.

Step 1: Adjust volume and concentration of your sample

  • If you have not performed any sample QC on your library and you will have us pool your samples: We need a minimum volume of 20uL at a concentration of 3 ng/uL or more.
  • If you have already performed library QC and you have pooled your samples: We need 30 uL at 4 nM or more of your library or pool.

Note: If samples are submitted below our requested concentration, we can't guarantee full output.

Step 2: Place an order online

It is imperative that you place the order online before sending or bring us the samples.

Step 3: Drop-off or mail your samples

You can drop off your order on the sample submission cart located in the atrium of the Biotechnology Building on the Ithaca campus, from 8AM to 4PM, Monday through Friday.

You can also mail your samples at the following address:

Genomics Facility
160A Biotechnology Building
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853

We recommend that you use either FedEx or UPS for mailing. Avoid USPS because USPS packages are not delivered directly to the lab. Please note that there is no delivery on Saturday, Sunday and holidays.

Please cushion and seal your samples well before mailing, we have received numerous broken tubes.