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Accessing the shared network drive (aka FileShare)

Who can access our FileShare?

Access to the FileShare is limited to computers on the Cornell campus unless you are using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) from home. If you are not in either of these two cases, you have to retrieve your files before you leave campus.

To be able to log in to Cornell domain, undergraduate students need to create an exchange account here:

Note that using the shared network drive ("FileShare") is entirely voluntary and not secure. Files in all folders can be accessed and manipulated by all users.

How to set up your computer

Windows Operating System

  1. Type File Explorer into the search bar.
  2. Find "This PC" in items to the left.
  3. Right-click and select Map Network Drive.
  4. Use whatever Drive letter you want. We have mapped this drive to Z: on all the facility machines.
  5. Next to Folder, insert this text: \\\RS\biotech\CUSTOMER\Imaging
  6. If this is your personal computer, check Reconnect at logon. If you check this, you will not have to remap this drive every time you login.
  7. Finish.
  8. Login with your full Cornell email address ( and password.

You only have to map the drive one time, after this it will be in your (My) Computer window under Network and you just have to login.

For Macintosh Operating Systems

  1. In the Finder menu, choose Go>Connect to Server
  2. Copy and paste this address in to Folder smb://
  3. If the Mac is running OSX 10.6 or earlier, user this address instead smb://
  4. Login with your full netid email address ( and netid password
  5. This may not work for students, see below. If it does work, let me know.

If you have problems accessing the Fileshare

The Fileshare is accessed through Cornell domain accounts which are tied into the Exchange email system that only faculty and staff use. Students may not have the proper account permissions by default to allow them to login to the Cornell domain computers. There is a system in place to provide students limited Exchange accounts if they need them (typically for student workers and also our users). About halfway down the page is a link to "Exchange Email Activation". This is the same for both undergraduates and grad students.