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Cornell University

TeamViewer - instructions

  1. Sign out whatever workstation you want to use on the calendar.
  2. Download TeamViewer and put it somewhere that you remember so that you can continue to run it in the future. (It is free for personal use.)
  3. Run TeamViewer.
  4. Put in the Partner ID of the computer you would like to access. (See below for partner ID numbers.)
  5. Enter “Connect”.
  6. When the Team Viewer Authentication window pops up, click the Advanced button (looks like a + in a circle).
  7. Change authentication option from TeamViewer to Windows.
  8. Log on with your full and password.
  9. When you leave, do not simply x-out. Log out of the BRC Login program like you usually do. Otherwise you will remain logged in to the system, and will be overcharged.

Workstation Partner ID

  • B46 workstation = 1603084468
  • B45 workstation = 407695124
  • Lightsheet workstation = 1145384273