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qPCR QuantStudio 7 Pro (ThermoFisher Scientific)

QuantStudio 7 Pro instrument

The QuantStudio 7 Pro accepts 96 or 384-well plates.

It works with a wide range of dyes (FAM, SYBR Green, VIC, JOE, HEX, TET, ABY, NED, TAMR A, Cy3, JUN, ROX, Texas Red, Mustang Purple, Cy5, LIZ, Cy5.5).

To be able to reserve this instrument, please watch the video tutorial and complete the quiz (URL in the video).
If you need after hours access, please contact with your netid and employee (ID card) number.

    Access the free ThermoFisher app Design and Analysis (DA2):

    Map the Network Drive to upload your plate file and download your results:

    Instrument pricing

    qPCR QuantStudio 7 Pro (ThermoFisher Scientific)
    DescriptionInternal price (Cornell and Cornell affiliates)External price
    Real-time PCR, per plate (96- or 384-well plate)* $12 per hour $20 per hour
    *Users provide all reagents and supplies


    Biotech 152