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VisualSonics Vevo-2100 Ultrasound

ultrasound instrument

  • High resolution (20-70 MHz)

  • Heated stage
  • Isoflurane gas anesthesia
  • EKG and breath monitoring
  • Doppler flow measurements 
  • Image-guided injection and extraction
  • Supports contrast mode
  • Digital RF-mode (raw data output)
  • Peripheral sonosite microbubble disruption device
Please contact us to receive training before using this instrument for the first time.

Instrument pricing

VisualSonics Vevo-2100 Ultrasound
(9am-9pm Mon-Fri)
(9pm-9am, Sat-Sun & holidays)
VisualSonics Vevo-2100 Ultrasound $30/h $30/h
VisualSonics Vevo-2100 Ultrasound - Training $85/h NA
A 64% surcharge applies to non-Cornell users.

Grant acknowledgement

High-resolution sonography was carried out through the Cornell Institute of Biotechnology's Imaging, with NIH 1S10OD016191 funding for the VisualSonics Vevo-2100 ultrasound.

Manufacturer manuals

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