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10X Genomics single-cell libraries


We cannot accept samples for 10x Chromium runs between December 15 - Jan 4­ – this is to allow us time to bring samples to a safe stopping point prior to the Biotechnology building heat-recovery project shutdown scheduled over the holiday break.

Our facility is equipped with a 10x Genomics Chromium instrument for analyzing DNA/RNA in populations of single cells. This microfluidic device enables the generation of Illumina sequencing libraries to simultaneously profile hundreds to thousands of single cells for a variety of applications.

We fully support single-cell gene expression profiling (3'RNA-Seq) projects. Please inquire about other 10x Genomics applications including Immune Profiling, ATAC-seq, and Multiome profiling.

Please contact us for a consultation before initiating a single-cell genomics project. Sample processing requires a reservation in advance, and availability may be limited.

Service pricing

10X Genomics single-cell libraries
DescriptionInternal price (Cornell and Cornell affiliates)External price
3'RNA-Seq library - 1 sample $2,443 $4,007
3'RNA-Seq library - 2 samples $2,143/sample $3,515/sample
3'RNA-Seq library - 3 samples $1,983/sample $3,252/sample
3'RNA-Seq library - 4 samples $1,881/sample $3,085/sample
3'RNA-Seq library - 5 samples $1,810/sample $2,968/sample
3'RNA-Seq library - 6 samples $1,759/sample $2,885/sample
3'RNA-Seq library - 7 samples $1,721/sample $2,822/sample
3'RNA-Seq library - 8 samples $1,692/sample $2,775/sample
Immune Profiling library Inquire Inquire
ATAC-Seq library Inquire Inquire
Multiomics (3'RNA-Seq + ATAC-Seq) Inquire Inquire
Gene Expression Flex (fixed human or mouse samples) Inquire Inquire
Visium library preparation (from amplified cDNA) Inquire Inquire