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Oxford Nanopore sequencing


The Oxford Nanopore MinION is a sequencing device capable of generating ultra-long reads, some of them in excess of 100kb. Using this device, single DNA (or RNA) molecules are sequenced without the need for PCR amplification of the sample.

We currently specialize in sequencing high molecular weight DNA for genome assembly. Obtaining high molecular weight DNA fragments of high purity is a critical part of the sequencing process. If you are considering using this platform for genome assembly, please set up a consultation to discuss your project.

Each MinION run generates 5-15 GB of raw data in a 48 hour time period, with 70-80% of these reads passing our quality control filters.

Service pricing

Oxford Nanopore sequencing
DescriptionInternal price (Cornell and Cornell affiliates)External price
1D Nanopore single sample library prep and sequencing $1,320 $2,165
1D Nanopore 6 sample barcoded library prep and sequencing* $2,145 $3,518
1D Nanopore 12 sample barcoded library prep and sequencing* $2,915 $4,781
* Other multiplex sample numbers available on request